Real Fake Blood Films produces 1 film a month using only DIY filmmaking techniques and practical effects.

Follow Benjamin Martian through every stage of the film production process as each month he starts and completes an ultra-low-budget short film. In one month he writes, casts, assembles a crew, builds props and effects, and shoots an ultra-low-budget short film using only DIY techniques, practical effects, and household materials.

Benjamin Martian is the co-creator and executive producer of the animated fantasy/comedy series Tigtone on Adult Swim. As the director, producer, and host of the popular web-series Homemade Movies he honed his MacGuyver-esque, DIY approach to filmmaking. However, he has been making no-budget short films since he was a teenager. He is a horror-hound, effects junkie, a film fanatic, and father of two, who manages to make movies every month–even with no budget, limited resources, and limited time.